RBS Design Group was tasked with providing a sustainable, fortified, seismic rated and energy efficient design. Fox Blocks met all requirements for the specification. Architecturally large exterior windows that combined a celestial (overhead) openings with 2 sides incorporated STALA IFA (Integrated Frame Assemblies) to meet size and fortified specifications. The 2-story, 100,000 square foot school has hundreds of complex opening of various shapes and sizes that were accommodated by Fox Blocks. There are also 40-foot tall mass walls in the gymnasium.

Location Paducah, KY
Square Footage 100,000 (overall) 44,000 (fox Blocks)
Owner/Developer Paducah Independent Schools
General Contractor A&K Construction
ICF Dealer
ICF Contractor HVB
Architect RBS Design Group
Structural Engineer Bacon Farmer Workman
Distinction Fortified Design & Build
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