Winton Montessori is a 1-story design with a masonry finish and 30+ foot tall walls in the gymnasium. It was important to the owner for the project to achieve a classic school design to blend in with the dozens of projects under the management of Cincinnati Public Schools. To achieve the massive/complex ICF walls, industrial-grade Fox Blocks and hundreds of pre-manufactured steel Stala IFAs were utilized

The 76,000 square foot school is fortified to withstand extreme weather and is designed with masonry finish. A key design element was to be sustainable and have energy-efficient, operating cost reductions.

Location Cincinnati, OH
Square Footage 76,000 (overall) 37,000 (Fox Blocks)
Owner/Developer Cincinnati Pulblic Schools
General Contractor Endeavor Construction
ICF Dealer
ICF Contractor Hayes Concrete
Architect Moody Nolan Architects
Structural Engineer Jezerinac Geers and Associates
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