Fox Blocks provided a structural system that allowed the existing church to be expanded with no fire walls or separations and allowed for a very open plan design. Fox Blocks walls were used to both support roof structure and to isolate worship and performance areas acoustically from lobby and gathering spaces. Designers were able to utilize curved exterior ICF walls juxtaposed with angular interior ICF walls to add interest to an otherwise simple plan. Last, but not least, ICF bearing walls combined with steel girder trusses allowed for large open spans (130′ x 190′) and great height (30 ft.) in the worship auditorium, which seats up to 1400 comfortably.

The construction cost of the entire project including an addition and remodeling came in at a very respectable $135 per square foot for the 24,500 square foot building.

Location Cleves, OH
Square Footage 95,000 (overall) 24,500 (Fox Blocks)
Owner/Developer Whitewater Crossing Christian Church
General Contractor HiFive Development Services
ICF Dealer
ICF Contractor HVB
Architect HiFive Design Group
Structural Engineer Schaefer Inc.
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