Wallhouse Hotel brings a contemporary design to a quite region of Ohio. The 59,000 square foot, 5-story hotel is the tallest building in Holmes County, Ohio, which includes Amish residents. The building features many complex corners and custom windows. Windows were recessed into jambs adding depth to the building façade. And the Fox Blocks structure allows for large windows in the lobby, which is essentially a wall of windows. A key factor was minimizing exterior and interior noise, which Fox Blocks assists very effectively. An innovative HVAC systems includes the Fox Blocks mass wall, which combined with other systems, allows a 50% savings in energy costs compared to convention hotels of the same size.

Location Walnut Creek, OH
Square Footage 59,000 (overall) 36,000 (Fox Blocks)
Owner/Developer RTB Holdings
General Contractor RTB Holdings
ICF Dealer
ICF Contractor RTB Holdings
Architect PH7 Architects
Structural Engineer Koehlinger Engineering
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