The Centre Park Holiday Inn Event & Conference Center is a 116,000 SF hotel, event and conference center, which has 130 rooms, 37,000 SF of event/meeting space, an iconic chapel and restaurant. The project qualified for a Duke Energy rebate since it is performing 30% better than ASHRAE standards for hotels.

The chapel/pre-function space outside of the conference center has steep gables and tall bearing walls that give the sense that it has been there for many years and that the Hotel and Conference Center were added to it.

Use of Fox Blocks contributed to saving 2 months in construction, which was fully complete in 420 days.

Location West Chester, OH
Square Footage 120,000 SF (overall). ICF 87,000 (Fox Blocks)
Owner/Developer Middletown Management
General Contractor HiFive Developing
ICF Dealer
ICF Contractor HVB-Gravesco
Architect HiFive Developing
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