The 42-unit apartment building is one of the first in the country to offer affordable housing for both adults on the autism spectrum and for those who are not on the spectrum. “This is not just about the 42 people living here,” said Karen Markle, executive vice president at NHS Human Services, a provider of education and other services for people with special needs. “This also gives hope to an entire community that struggles and wonders what is next.”

Amenities in the 60,000 square foot building include quiet lounges, community rooms, exercise room and supportive services for all residents. Six of the apartments are for those with physical disabilities and an additional two are adapted for those with audio-visual needs.

In addition to the Fox Blocks, low-e glazing windows and energy efficient HVAC system was designed in to produce a projected 25% operating cost savings. This project also utilized the Fox Blocks Masonry Tie Key to meet wind shear on this tall multi-family structure. Further, integrated metal finishing panels were installed over Fox Blocks for a clean, finished look that will last many years.

Location Heidelberg, PA
Square Footage 60,000 (overall) 46,000 (Fox Blocks)
Owner/Developer Autism Housing Development-Pittsburgh PA-ACTION Housing Development Corp.
General Contractor REPAL Construction
ICF Dealer
ICF Contractor Arch Masonry
Architect RSH Architects
Structural Engineer
Distinction 1st apartment building to offer affordable housing both both adults on the autism spectrum and those not on the spectrum
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