The 104,000 square foot project won an ICF Builder Award.
The entire building was 12-inch core ICF walls that were heavily reinforced. The exterior free standing wing wall, which begins on the 11th floor, was not originally designed as ICF but it soon became apparent that it would be faster and easier if it were.

The contractors had welded angle steel supports cast into the concrete on the floor below and from there up the wing wall sat atop of this and just became part of the poured wall. A similar technique was used to form the free standing wing walls on the balconies. Interior “exit walls” leading up to stairwells and elevator shafts were also built with ICF. The only exterior area that isn’t ICF is the 22-foot-high palladium entrance, which used a mix of steel forms and ICF due to the large concrete columns needed for support.

Location Waterloo, ON
Square Footage 104,000 (overall) 126,000 (Fox Blocks)
General Contractor
ICF Dealer
ICF Contractor XDG Construction
Structural Engineer
Distinction ICF Builder Award winner
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