Building designed to exceed Miami-Dade storm resistance requirements for all new structures. Advance HVAC system included to minimize energy cost impacts. Building performed as expected thru Hurrican Irma.

This mixed use project includes offices and drop off facilities for waste and recycling. Its creative design provides function for office occupants and for separating out daily consumer discarded items. Pier columns and steel framing was incorporated and attached to ICF to support a handsome steel canopy for this 8,000 square foot municipal building.

Attention to strict tolerances was enabled with lasers, string lines and Giraffe bracing that made the walls very straight and strong. The structure faired very well during a recent hurricane to the pleasure of the owners.

Location Miami, FL
Square Footage 8,000 (overall) 6,200 (Fox Blocks)
Owner/Developer Miami Dade County
General Contractor TC&F Builders
ICF Dealer Turning Leaf Construction
ICF Contractor Turning Leaf Construction
Architect TSAO Design
Structural Engineer Arvelo and Associates
Distinction LEED intended
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