The 5,200 square foot custom home is built on a large rock on the side of a mountain. The lot has a difference in elevation of 50 feet from front to back. There are nine levels, a six-point intersect roof line, and an ICF/timber frame hybrid structural system. The home blends the appeal of classic craftsmanship with IFC efficiency. For example, concrete lintels and benches and granite caps are suspended from ICF walls. Thermal barriers below grade omit heat loss. ICF is behind all rim boards to reduce thermal conductivity. And there is 35 degree gable end formed from ICF.

Built on a high-end property using a wood frame budget, the home is air tight, has clean, healthy air. It is quiet, comfortable and very sustainable. The owners consider it a home for generations.

Location West Vancouver BC
Square Footage 5,200 (overall) 6,000 (Fox Blocks)
General Contractor Nothing But Concrete Ltd.
ICF Dealer
ICF Contractor Nothing But Concrete Ltd.
Architect Nothing But Concrete Ltd.
Structural Engineer CA Boom
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