A series of 2,300 square foot homes were built together to prove the viability of ICF contributing to affordable, Net Zero homes. The homes are LEED Silver and have a HERS index of 7. Solar panels on the roof contribute to the average monthly energy costs of $0. Using a combination of Fox Blocks ICF and spray foam insulation in the roof and under slab the home was able to achieve blower door test results over 2 times better than the passive house standard. Also included in the sustainable design are the resilient elements of a fortified home able to withstand tornados, hurricanes or earthquakes.

The homes received the following certifications – DOE Zero Energy Ready Home Program; ENERGY STAR Certified Version 3.0; EPA Indoor airPLUS; EPA WaterSense; DOE Zero Energy Ready Home Quality Management Guidelines; DOE Zero Energy Ready Home Program; LEED for Homes silver; and HERS Index 7.

Location New Paltz, NY
Square Footage 2,300 (overall) 3,400 (Fox Blocks)
Owner/Developer Alpenaster
General Contractor Greenhill Contracting
ICF Dealer
ICF Contractor D&A Contracting
Architect Bolder Architecture
Structural Engineer
Distinction LEED Silver- USGBC & Certified to the US Department of Energy as Net Zero Ready
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