Hilliard Bruce Winery was awarded LEED Silver Certification by the US Building Council – the very first in Santa Barbara County.

At 11,750 square feet, it was not a large project. It was complex though, because construction took place in the center of an existing winery. But Fox Blocks was part of a perfect solution to maintaining the dust free environment required at the winery. The barrel room was carved into the slope of existing terrain to maximize the efficiency of cooling. Wall heights were up to 30 feet.

There were several rows of steel I-Beams that needed special embed plates to attach walls together. The front has a large steel frame work that the ICF work had to build around which made the install more difficult. The combination of using ICFs for the walls and a precast concrete deck for the floors made for a faster build.

Location Lompoc, CA
Square Footage 12,000 (overall) 12,000 (Fox Blocks)
Owner/Developer Hilliard Bruce Vineyards, LLC
General Contractor Rarig Construction Inc.
ICF Dealer Forming Solutions
ICF Contractor Penna Constuction
Architect Vladimir Milosevic
Structural Engineer SSG
Distinction LEED Silver Certificatino by the USGBC, the 1st in Santa Barbara County CA
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