Hofbrauhaus-Cleveland required a 24,000 square foot addition to accommodate its growing business in the home of the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. The addition had its 24-foot tall Fox Blocks walls constructed in 24 days despite a tight downtown location and heavy rain fall. The addition was tied directly to the existing 110-year-old building. The downtown location added to the complexity of the on schedule, but opened in time for Oktoberfest and the local theatre season premiers. As with all “HB” restaurants a mix of live “oompah” bands and classic rock artists will play at this establishment which is enhanced with superior acoustics due to the Fox Blocks walls.

Location Cleveland, OH
Square Footage 24,000 (overall) 14,000 (Fox Blocks)
Owner/Developer Hofbrauhaus Cleveland
General Contractor Lou Ritenour Construction
ICF Dealer The Chas. E. Phipps Company
ICF Contractor Lou Ritenour Construction
Architect GEIS
Structural Engineer GEIS
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