The Arturo Fuente Cigar Warehouse is a “15,000 square foot humidor.” Located in the historic Ybor City historical district of Tampa, the building is intended to look like it was part of the area 100 years ago. Red brick covers the exterior of the Fox Blocks walls, which reach over 52 feet. Inside, yellow brick lines the interior walls just as it typically did in local warehouses 100 years ago.

The walls include 105 pairs of historically accurate steel shutters over windows. The walls and the windows can withstand significant storm damage in this hurricane prone part of the world.

Location Tampa, FL
Square Footage 15,600 (overall) 9,000 (Fox Blocks)
Owner/Developer Ostra Holdings Inc.
General Contractor ARCO / Murray Construction
ICF Dealer Turning Leaf Construction
ICF Contractor Turning Leaf Construction
Architect Florida Design Studio Corp.
Structural Engineer Richard Adams Engineers
Distinction ICF Builder winner
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