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Contractors Can Use Traditional Building Measurements with ICF Studs when They Choose Fox Blocks

You are a sheetrock, residential wood frame, commercial steel stud or siding contractor that has been trained, and are efficient with, a continuous 1 1/2” wide attachment surface @ 16” on center. Our team at Fox Blocks agrees with this tradition and have created our ICF with the same continuous 1 1/2” wide attachment surface but increased it to 8” on center. Just think, when attaching sheet rock or siding to Fox Blocks Insulated Concrete Forms, you can use the same training you understand and have used in the past.

Fox Blocks Stud Compared to Standard Wood Stud

Fox Blocks Stud Compared to Standard Wood Stud

Fox Blocks Studs

  • Recycled polypropelyne
  • LEED credits*
  • 120 lbs+ pullout/shear strength with screws**
  • Use screws that are the thickness of material plus 1 1/8” + in length.
  • If the screws that you are using do not hold try the next size longer. The tip of the screw must pass completly through the tie to achieve full strength.


Wood Stud Today

Standard Wood Stud Today

Wood Studs today

  • Much larger grain than 15 years ago
  • More knots and checks than 15 years ago
  • Reject screws more than 15 years ago
  • Prone to movement through seasons
  • Prone to rot when sealed with moisture
  • Prone to sheetrock / drywall repairs
  • Food for insects


Actual Fox Block Wall

Actual Fox Block Wall Showing Studs Clearly Defined

Actual Fox Blocks Wall

  • Studs clearly marked @ 8” o/c
  • Studs are in contact with each other verticaly
  • Studs burried into foam 5/8” for stucco application and thermal performance

Fox Blocks ICF’s

  • A full 1 1/2” wide
  • 8” o/c to achieve industry standard 16” o/c’s
  • No gap every 16” vertically due to ties touching
  • Minimal settling due to ties touching
  • Not effected by moisture, will not rot
  • Will not move through seasons
  • Eliminates most sheetrock / drywall repairs
  • No nutrients for insects
Other ICF Blocks Can Be Clunky

Other ICF Blocks are Not as User-Friendly as Fox Blocks

Other ICF’s

  • As narrow as 1” wide
  • As much as 1 3/4” gap every 16” vertically due to ties not touching
  • Settling due to ties not touching


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