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Do you have a High Performance Window Buck that will stand up to these tests?

Building Envelope Protection = Property & Life Protection:

During a severe weather event, the most critical factor for increasing the chances of a building’s survival is protection of all the openings to the outside. Once the wind enters the structure, the pressure changes lead to disastrous results.

Impact testing simulates windborne debris striking a window during a hurricane. Within the laboratory setting, this is done by firing a 2×4 projectile at predetermined locations on the window and seeing if there is any penetration.

The cycling portion of the testing ensures that a window having withstood impact by the 2×4 can then stand up to the rapid increases and decreases in pressure within the building during a hurricane.


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  • Ridley
    April 23, 2018, 11:15 pm REPLY

    I like what you showed here about material testing. It makes sense that that building materials need to be tested against hurricane weather. You’re right, windows and openings are the things that need to be double checked because that’s the weakest part of a home.

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