Fox Blocks Insulating Concrete Form Wall Systems provide an extremely energy efficient building envelope offering superior strength, sound, air quality, and well insulated walls. Fox Blocks ICF building blocks is a division of Airlite Plastics Company, The Company produces roughly 1.6 billion molded units a year.

Airlite Plastics is a privately held family-owned company which has been located in Omaha, Nebraska since 1946.We are proud of our history and our commitment to the timeless values of providing exceptional customer service, consistently delivering the highest quality products, collaborating with a team of experts to provide dynamic customer solutions and retaining a highly-skilled staff of approximately 675 employees.


Airlite Plastics was one of the earliest molders to design and manufacture ICF blocks. Now, with 22 manufacturing locations spread throughout North America, we make it easier to get the product and simplify the logistics.

To date, Airlite Plastics has manufactured:

  • Over 15 million ICF units
  • More than 125 million tie/webs and
  • Over 78 million square feet of wall surface

In 2005, Airlite Plastics created a new block that provided the dynamic customer solution contractors had been looking for offering a better value while contributing to environmentally sustainable “green” construction.

The result: a new division of Airlite Plastics with a new design in ICF wall systems: Fox Blocks, and new for 2014: Fox Buck and the tieKey Masonry Anchor

Because all of the work is completed in-house (the design and production of blocks and ties) we can produce it more cost effectively and efficiently, passing real savings onto you, our customers.

In 2014, Fox Blocks took a significant leap forward by aquiring the assets of two of the top brands in the ICF market (Reward Wall Systems and ARXX ICF)  and consolidating them into the Fox Blocks brand of ICF products, pushing Fox Blocks’ market share to new heights, leading all of North America.


Airlite Plastics is based in Omaha, Nebraska where it operates from two new state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.  The company is ISO 9000 Certified and the recipient of the 2003 Edgerton Award for quality.

Airlite Plastics has distinguished itself in the molding industry as an innovator in pioneering the world’s first four-level stack mold for containers and cups, and developing new and customized approaches to molding and plastic packaging for hundreds of customers across the country.

We’ve worked hard to remain a leader in our industry, ensuring each customer receives the highest quality products and service available.  When we see Design Professionals specifying our product and contractors installing Fox Blocks, we know we’re making a difference in our environment.

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