How do you improve an Insulated Concrete Form wall that already out-performs most wall systems in all climates? You move the concrete mass toward the living side of the wall. This unbalanced R-value will allow the mass to be closer to the living temperature of the conditioned space allowing for a more comfortable building.

The Fox Blocks design team had two goals:
1) Move the mass away from the harsh temperatures and
2) Increase R-value. Each Energy Stick is 8″ wide, 32″ tall, 2″ thick and profiled to fit within all Fox Blocks.
The Energy Stick is used to ensure an R-8 boost to the already high R-Value of Fox Blocks.


6" Block + 1 Energy Stick (R-30+*)4" Concrete
8" Block + 1 Energy Stick (R-30+*)6" Concrete
10"Block + 1 Energy Stick (R-30+*)8" Concrete
10"Block + 2 Energy Sticks (R-39+*)6" Concrete
12"Block + 1 Energy Stick (R-30+*)10"Concrete
12"Block + 2 Energy Sticks (R-39+*)8" Concrete
12"Block + 3 Energy Sticks (R-48+*) 6" Concrete

* This represents the overall average wall R-value. As an example in wood frame construction a wall with R-19 batt insulation will have an overall average wall R-value of less than R-16 due to thermal bridging.

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